Jennifer Rose"Jen” Talbot was a secondary character in the book Among the Hidden by Margaret Petterson-Haddix. Appearances: Among The Hidden

Mentioned: Among The Impostors, Among The Betrayed, Among The Barons, Among The Enemy, and Among The Free. Status: Killed by Population police.

Biography == Jennifer Talbot was third child, commonly referred to as a 'Shadow Child' due to families only being allowed to have two children legally. She started a chatroom in which other third, or even fourth children, came on to discuss a plan to free all Shadow Children.  When Jen meets another Shadow Child named Luke Garner, he is breaking into her house before her finding out that he is another Shadow Child. She shows him the chatroom and when she sees Luke's blood on the carpet from breaking a window, she cuts her hand to cover it up so that her parents would not be suspicious. They become very close throughout most of the book. Jen later attempts to make him join her rally in front of the president's house to demand third children rights, and she becomes angry and tells him he's a coward when he refuses to go. Near the end of the book, on the night before the rally, Jen sneaks into Luke's house to tell him that she isn't angry at him for not going and that it's his decision and she respects that. When Luke asks her if he'll see her again, she replies with "We can hope."

At the ending of the book Luke sneaks into her house one last time and finds that she is not there. He shut down the alarm system which alerts Mr. Talbot someone is there, who finds Luke at the computer on Jen's chatroom when he comes home.  This is when Luke is informed that Jen Talbot, along with the other 40 children at the rally, were executed right in front of the house, their blood hosed off the streets after. Jen is the most heavily mentioned character throughout the entire series, and Luke's memory of her influences many of his decisions.

Jen Talbot was the first Shadow Child in the series to die. And she did not deserve it; she was a wonderful character and deserved so much better

Description == Jen is said to have brown hair, cut short like a boy's and Luke describes her as making wild hand gestures when ever she talked.

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