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Welcome to the Shadow Children wiki.
This wiki is about the seven-part "Shadow Children" novel series by Margaret Peterson Haddix.


August 7, 2009 - Wiki is created and now under construction.

August 1, 2016 - Wiki still sucks and is abandoned with about 15 minutes of work being put into it. 

Feb. 23rd,   

December 5th, 2017- Wiki is completely dead and now welcomes any and all trolls to help completely vandalize it beyond repair! :D    

(random person)    

April. 20 This blog is dead and never coming back     

THERE BE TRIPS AND DRUGS A BOUNTY FOR YE ALL WHO ENTER ass (JAN 27) You might as well get high

hello darkness my old friend (February 27, 2019 A.D).

In a futuristic world where third children are illegal, Luke Garner and his friends struggle daily just to stay alive.

They are alone hiding forever, or, they get fake ID's. And sometimes, people don't want a fake ID.

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