The Grants

The Grants are the second most powerful influence on the country, right after the president. The Grants are Barons, and as described above are very powerful, politically speaking. They have a son named Lee Grant who was shot by the Population Police during a ski mission, which is revealed in Among the Barons. They are first mentioned in Among the Hidden. The Grant house is taken over by the population police to use as headquarters in Among the Brave. They are described as rich, elegant, and very smug in personality.

The Mother In The Family

Mrs.Grant is the wife of Mr.Grant and the mother of Smit, Lee Grant, and fake Mother to Luke. In Among the Barons, Luke describes his surprise at her face being made up at three in the morning. She is described as having blond hair in perfect curls, and the only outfits we see her in are an evening dress and expensive pants with a red sweater.

The Father

Mr. Grant is descibed as having dark hair, dark eyes, and a dark suit. He is strict and firm, and unlike Mrs. Grant, he shakes his hand instead of hugging Luke. Also, Mr. Grant seems to admire dark things, very much.

The Spoiled Little Boy

Born Smithfield William Grant, Smits is the younger one of the Grant boys. After Lee Grant died, Smits started talking about him to everyone he met, causing his parents to hire a "bodyguard" for him, Oscar. Smithfield was also the arsonist who set his own room ablaze in Among the Barons. Smit's fake I.D. is Peter Goodard.

The Guy That Died Tragically And Was Replaced By An Identical Illegal Third Child

Not much is known about the real Lee Grant. Lee is said to look alot like Luke, and was a musician. The real Lee Grant was shot dead by the government while he was skiing down a hill to deliver guns for Oscar and his friends. Lee appears on the cover of Among the Imposters.

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